Ann Wells-Thorpe is mourning her cash-collecting canine companion Amy, who has died at the age of 16.

Ann, who has collected cash for The Argus Appeal for 25 years, is a popular figure around the city with her black dog Amy, who was put to sleep on Saturday after suffering from kidney failure.

Ann, of Maldon Road, Brighton, said: "She's gone up to cloud nine and the everlasting bone in the sky. She was 16, though, and had a fantastic dog's life. She had a healthy diet, exercise and she worked for a living visiting hospitals."

Ann and Amy, who was the second dog to help out Ann with her collections for The Argus Appeal, have raised more than £3,000 for our appeal.

The duo collected money throughout the year, which is then passed to organisations and individuals in the area.

Ann said: "Amy worked for 15 years and started when she was just a puppy. She semi-retired last year and lots of people knew her. I would like to thank everyone who gave to Amy and her collection box. It was very much appreciated."

Ann said she was not hanging up the dog lead and was considering another dog in the future.