Because of Argus deadlines I am writing this week's column before Albion's Boxing Day fixture in London at Loftus Road against Queen's Park Rangers.

Having said that there is still plenty to comment about last Friday's game against Chesterfield. The phrase 'we had everything but a streaker' springs to mind.

It was a crazy night but even the most hardened of streakers would have been very brave to go au natural bearing in mind the temperature, unless they'd stuck close to the Chesterfield dugout.

As for the result, whichever way anybody weighs it up the Albion definitely dropped two points.

An excellent start should have been the platform for a comprehensive victory, but as with last season against the same opposition a ludicrous sending off paved the way for the travesty that was the result.

By the same token all teams, even the sides at the top of the Premiership, drop points and there will be times between now and the end of April when the Albion will pick up more in a game than they were either expecting or even deserved.

To quote my old Gulls Eye writer John Baine, Friday night was a truly burlesque experience, but having had a chance to take stock of the events I really think that as far as the Albion and their supporters are concerned a line should be drawn under the whole issue sooner rather than later.

I am passionate about football, more so about the Albion, and at times my passion and how I display it either on paper and into a microphone gets me into trouble.

But in the whole scheme of things regarding the Albion, Chesterfield are so insignificant that the best thing to do is just leave it to the team to do their talking on the pitch in the return fixture at Saltergate.

The facts speak volumes. Chesterfield are a small club with limited support, they are in Division Two by default and there is still a school of thought that thinks they should be plying their trade in the Conference.

Nicky Law can shout, scream, abuse and cajole until all his hair grows back but the bottom line is Chesterfield as a football club are poles apart from the Albion.

Everyone was incensed by Law's behaviour, but what goes around comes around. The Albion will have their revenge as they did last season, but it will be on the pitch and gained without going outside the rules.

As for Law, he had best make the most of his time within football because when his Chesterfield honeymoon finally comes to an end he'll think about a career outside football.

It's not just about results, it's how you play the game and conduct yourself off the field and frankly, looking at his behaviour, he's a lost cause.

A recent article in the Sunday Times revealed that former Albion chairman Bill Archer will, with forthcoming maturing share options, have an estimated personal wealth of around £300million.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Mr Archer still has a considerable sum invested in the Albion. I say considerable, but in relation to his alleged personal fortune it is, to quote his great friend and colleague Greg Stanley, a round of drinks.

As this is the season of goodwill wouldn't it be a nice gesture by Blackburn Bill, bearing in mind that he obviously knows where his next meal is coming from, for him to give up his financial interest in the Albion.

I wouldn't for a moment think that Bill would deliver the ultimate gesture to the Albion and ask for what he paid for them - £56 - but his exit would finally draw a line under one of the most traumatic episodes in the club's history.

I won't hold my breath. Happy New Year.