A restaurant owner has barred traffic wardens from his premises and is giving a 10% discount to motorists with parking tickets.

The protest comes after Brighton and Hove City Council launched a blitz against illegal parking on July 16.

Neil Masey, of Brighton vegetarian restaurant bar and cafe room101, said he was taking action because he and his customers were so frustrated with the clamp down.

Mr Masey said he did not wish to encourage illegal parking.

But he said attendants had been "so zealous" that deliveries of fresh food to his Trafalgar Street restaurant were up to four hours late because of parking problems.

He said: "I think I lost about £200 because I couldn't get certain ingredients in time and so couldn't serve some dishes."

A city council spokeswoman said: "Loading and unloading is allowed on single and double yellow lines, provided the vehicle is not causing an obstruction and the driver is seen to be actively loading or unloading."