Nature waits for no one as proud mother Caroline Shinn found out when her baby was born as she took a bath.

Caroline tried to relax in the bath after her contractions started at home, while husband David went to call the midwife.

But by the time he returned, he was already the proud father of a baby boy.

Caroline, 37, was two days overdue when she woke her husband David in the early hours of Wednesday morning, insisting her contractions had started.

She decided to take a bath to help her relax but as soon as she got in the water she felt the baby's head appear.

David, 41, rushed downstairs to grab the phone but by the time he returned his son had been born.

He said: "It was unbelievable how quickly it all happened. I only popped downstairs for a minute and when I got back, there was Caroline cradling the baby in her arms.

"I was in a bit of a panic. The bags had been packed a week ago and we intended to go to hospital.

"I fumbled around for the phone and ran back upstairs, then as soon as I saw Caroline with our son I was just filled with happiness.

"She just said 'It's a boy', but I couldn't say anything. I was absolutely stunned."

Within minutes the midwife and an ambulance had arrived at the couple's home in Ashdown Avenue, Saltdean, but it had been a perfect delivery without help.

David added: "Everybody was delighted there were no complications. We didn't even need to go to hospital and I cut the cord in the bedroom. Now everybody has gone and here we are, one happy family."

David and Caroline had always dreamt if they had a son they would call him Brooklyn, which is David's middle name and the name of generations of men in the Shinn ancestry.

But because of the association with David Beckham, the couple have decided to think of a new name.

David and Caroline, who are both accountants in Brighton, are now thinking of an Irish gaelic name for their son, just like their 20-month daughter, who is called Grainne.

David said: "We might use Brooklyn for his middle name like me but it's a shame we can't use it for his first name.

"We toyed with the idea but then you can just imagine people's faces every time we said his name."

Caroline said: "I never expected him to be born here. It all happened so quickly. He just slipped out.

"It wasn't quite a birthing pool because I had let the water out. I didn't think hot water and Radox would be good for a baby."