A computer scheme is being launched to give people a better choice of social housing.

Brighton and Hove City Council has received £500,000 from the Government for the Choice Based Letting housing kiosk project.

It was one of 27 pilot schemes approved nationally from 91 applications.

Cabinet housing councillor Tehmtan Framroze said: "This pilot project will provide local people with a greater choice of potential solutions in a high-demand housing market."

He added: "By taking information technology into the community, we will be able to provide users with access to instant interactive information on a range of housing options throughout the country.

"Using innovative approaches and taking employment issues into consideration, the online kiosks will enable customers to make informed choices on the best way to meet their housing requirements."

Kiosks will be in the five council housing offices, New Deal for Community offices, Citizen Advice Bureaux, Brighton Housing Trust, the Youth Advice Centre, libraries. They may also be placed in an employment office and two supermarkets.

Newly-appointed project manager Esther Cohen works with a team who have established good working partnerships with registered social landlords, a private sector letting agent and the Government-funded organisation HOMES - Housing Mobility and Exchange Services - which runs the national HomeSwap scheme.

A competitive tendering process to select the IT supplier has taken place and the contract should be awarded this week.

Coun Framroze said: "As well as easing the pressure on housing by highlighting the choices available, this will increase access to new technology for a range of people who may not otherwise have access to information provided via computers."