Brighton's new parking attendants blitzed the streets of the city today.

The 60-strong force, employed by Brighton and Hove City Council, targeted vehicles parked on bus routes, double-yellow lines and taxi ranks in the city centre.

But motorists in Hove breathed a sigh as relief after the implementation of its new parking zone and restrictions was delayed for two weeks.

In Brighton, at least three cars were towed away by one crew during the first few hours of the scheme.

Tom Sanders was among the first to get a ticket for illegal parking in West Street, Brighton.

He had parked on double-yellow lines to repair a commercial dishwasher at a nearby hotel.

He said: "Last week I would have been able to leave a note on the windscreen like I have done today and would not have got a ticket.

"I'm all in favour of cracking down on dangerous parking. But what harm was I doing leaving my van there while I worked?"

The council officially took over responsibility for enforcing parking regulations from the police today.

Hove's scheme has been held up by delays in finishing signs and road markings.

Only 1,500 parking permits from a maximum of 4,000 have so far been issued to people living in the area covered by the scheme.

Vehicles parked in residents' parking bays without permits will not be booked for at least another two weeks.

A council spokeswoman said the scheme in Hove would be up and running before the end of the month.