Usually the blushing bride is carried over the threshold AFTER the wedding.

But Lisa Colliver had to be carried down the aisle as well after breaking her leg on her hen night.

Instead of proudly walking down the aisle at her father's side, Lisa, 28, was gingerly carried along by her dad, Leon Udell, and usher Robert Wood.

Her long wedding dress covered the cast on her left leg and the trainer on her right foot.

The rest of the wedding went by without a hitch - although the happy couple have had to postpone their honeymoon.

Instead, Lisa and her groom, Simon, 25, are spending a few days at home in Crowborough.

Despite Lisa's unlucky break happening on her hen night in a Kent pub last Saturday, she insisted she was not legless when it happened.

She said: "I was completely sober but I slipped on a wet floor and snapped two bones in my leg.

"I never drink anyway and I was driving that night so I was definitely sober.

"When I fell, one of my bridesmaids rang Simon on my mobile. He arrived at the same time as the ambulance.

"I was in hospital until Wednesday but was determined I would go through with the wedding."

The service, at Withyham Church, near Crowborough, was attended by close friends and family. Friends wisely did not wish Lisa luck with the old saying 'break a leg' before the ceremony.

She said: "I have already broken one, I wouldn't want to break the other one as well."

During the service and reception guests and even the vicar could not resist some gentle leg pulling.

Lisa said: "The vicar changed his service to mention my leg."

Simon said: "It was excellent. We didn't let Lisa's leg spoil it and it all went swimmingly."