While agreeing with Councillor Ken Bodfish that we need to try to find some affordable housing for our young people (Opinion, July 9), he says nothing about how this is to be provided, either in the short or long term.

Brighton and Hove is squeezed between the sea and our biggest asset, the lovely rolling Sussex Downs. It means in the future we have only two options, either to build on the Downs or to vastly increase housing density within the city itself, which will involve widespread demolition of existing properties. I believe in Japan, with huge problems of overcrowding, many areas are having to be rebuilt as frequently as every seven years.

The Argus is performing a public service by drawing attention to what is likely to be one of our biggest problems in the years ahead. What we must not do is to gradually start destroying the quality of life of our citizens for purely short-term considerations.

Some serious thinking is required to try to ascertain the way ahead with full public participation. What is certain, if the population goes on increasing, it is likely to be at a considerable cost.

-Alan Nunn, Pipers Close, Hove