The boys I write of, if they read this, will know who they are. On a recent Friday, while driving home on the A27 from the Southwick tunnel to the Hove turn-off, between 4pm and 5pm, three boys, about 12 or 13 years old, were actually crossing the bridge outside the safety railings, edging along a narrow ledge. I am not sure of the actual bridge. One boy was hanging down over the ledge, holding on to the railings. I don't know if he fell or not - probably not, since I didn't hear of any such accident. I pulled over into the nearest lay-by and called the police. Again, I don't know if they attended or not but they certainly took their time answering the phone.

Parents with children living in that area should be aware of this dangerous past-time and warn their children of the serious consequences if they should fall on to the road below. They would not only kill themselves but would also take some poor motorist - and possibly their family - with them.

I also believe steps should be taken by the authorities to stop this stupidity happening again, for example, a netted tunnel over the walkway or much higher fences.

-Name and address supplied