Residents on a city housing estate have called for new security measures after two women were attacked.

An 80-year-old woman was punched in the face by a man and another woman, who tried to help, was also repeatedly hit.

The attack happened at a block of flats in Craven Road, Brighton.

Marcia Ewen, 36, who was punched in the ear and jaw, wants Brighton and Hove City Council to install a security door system at the flats because of fears tenants could be at risk of further violence.

She said the incident started when the man called at a neighbour's flat. There was no answer but the man continued to bang on the door and shout.

When the pensioner, who lives in a neighbouring flat, asked him to stop he punched her in the face.

Ms Ewen tried to intervene and was also punched.

The pensioner suffered a split lip and bruising to her mouth. An ambulance was called but she did not need hospital treatment.

The man fled after the attack and has not been traced. Police are investigating the incident.

Ms Ewen and her neighbour are both founder members of a tenants' action group formed this year to campaign for increased security measures on the estate.

Ms Ewen said: "It was horrific. I was astounded to see a man punch an 80-year-old woman straight in the face. In hindsight we would not have challenged him. We should have let him break down the door.

"We have been campaigning really hard for a long time for a security door system and a warden. We had a meeting with the council the day before the attack and we were told the work would be carried out but it could take a long time. The next day this happened.

"I don't want any more delay for the sake of the safety of people living here. We want something done immediately.

"There has been a lot of violence going on in the area. We want people to know what it is like living here."

A council spokeswoman said the security work would be carried out as soon as possible.

She said: "We recognise there is a security problem. A security survey of the flats was carried out this week and a programme of work is being put together. We will try to get the work done as soon as possible. At the moment we cannot give any time scale.

"Housing officers will meet again with tenants to see what further action we can take to alleviate any problems."