A Sussex man who celebrated his 86th birthday this week claims to be the oldest stuntman still working in the UK.

The Great Omani, whose real name is Ron Cunningham, said: "I doubt if there is anyone older than me still working in the whole of Europe. If there is, he must be mad."

Omani, who has been a stuntman in Brighton for more than half a century, is still working, mainly for charity. He said: "I am semi-retired and fully retarded."

He hopes to do a stunt later this year near the West Pier, scene of some of his best-known acts of escapology.

Omani still trains for some of his stunts by occasionally smashing bottles against his neck.

He still eats fire, walks on beds of nails and performs a magic act.

But he said: "I have given up standing on my head close to the edge of cliffs. It is all I can do sometimes to stand on my feet."

Anyone wishing to engage Omani should write to him at 10 Norfolk Street in Brighton.