If your canine is looking a little dog-eared and you'd rather have a lady than a tramp, there could be an answer to your prayers.

Doggy Fashion is a new salon in Brighton offering everything needed to keep pampered pooches pristine.

From prize-winning poodles to dirty little shih-tzus, every dog can have its day with a wash and brush-up or complete makeover.

Gordon Fletcher, who previously offered his dog-grooming service from home, has been surprised at the number of people turning up with their pets at his Upper St James's Street salon since it opened last month.

While it can be tough turning a mongrel into a top dog, Gordon said the hardest thing about opening the premises was securing the risque name.

He said: "Apparently Companies House receives half a dozen applications each year to register Doggy Fashion and Doggy Style and turn them down.

"Thankfully we managed to get them to accept us as Doggy Fashions Ltd trading as Doggy Fashion. We should be registering it on the internet, too."

Gordon, 43, has built up a large number of clients with dog lovers coming from as far as Kensington and Hertfordshire.

Celebrities have also collared him into working his magic on their beloved dogs.

He said: "I have been doing Dora Bryan's Tibetan terrier for years. I also did Lily Savage's shih-tzu cross once, which was quite sweet."

A typical grooming session lasts about an hour, although more elaborate work, such as dyeing a poodle's fur, can take much longer.

Treatments can cost £18 but tarting up a pedigree pooch for the dog-eat-dog world of Cruft's can cost hundreds.

Gordon became involved in animal grooming when he looked after horses and dogs at a stud farm. He decided to start grooming professionally after moving to Brighton, where he has been running his business for four years.

But for all those cat lovers out there, you'll have to go somewhere else to spruce up your moggy.

Gordon insisted: "I would never do cats. If you have ever seen anybody who grooms cats all their arms are ripped to shreds."