The private sector leaseholders feel let down with good reason (Argus, December 8).

Tinkering with reform and further delay by Parliament seems a long way from the bold promises given by this Government when in opposition.

Your article does, however, omit any mention of a minority group - council leaseholders. Hardly surprising. What little proposed progress for them heralded in the White Paper consists almost entirely of existing rights dressed up as new ones.

For example, the right to take a landlord to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to challenge the reasonableness of their service charges.

Having started out with fewer legal rights than those for the private sector,

council leaseholders are being offered damage limitation for issues which have developed since the implementation of Right to Buy in 1980.

What is so unreasonable for this minority group to ask for equity when having to resort to legislation to resolve their considerable problems?

-N.E. Green, Brighton and Hove Council Leaseholders Independent Forum