A mobile phone mast can be built on the Downs despite concerns it will be an eyesore, councillors have decided.

Brighton and Hove planning committee voted 6-3 in favour of the One-2-One mast at Woodingdean Reservoir, off Norton Drive.

It will replace an existing 30-metre mast but will carry much more equipment.

Local councillors objected but there was little opposition from people living near the mast.

Tory councillor Peter Willows said the mast could be disguised as a tree.

Labour's Gerry Kielty said he opposed it on health grounds and Green councillor Keith Taylor said: "Children are very susceptible to radiation and it will be near a playground."

But Tory David Bennett said it was a good site where the mast could be shared and Labour councillor Bob Carden felt it would be a sound, safe structure that could withstand heavy weather.

*More than 90 people have signed a petition against another mobile phone mast near their homes.

The signatures were collected by a nearby resident who has asked not to be named.

She said: "We have health fears about this. No one can confirm that these masts do not cause problems."

The mast is planned by Onezone Personal Communications for the BT Tec site off Old Shoreham Road.

Councillors put off a decision while officials look for a site further into the commercial area.