Former advertising model Mike Parker is mounting a collection of Bachelor cigarettes memorabilia, the brand which launched him on to television screens in the Sixties.

Mike, 62, of Lewes Road, Brighton, helped advertise the brand in a television commercial in 1962 after leaving Brighton for the bright lights of London.

His search for fame led him to star in several television commercials including one for Kit-e-Kat cat food and MacIntosh's Weekend Chocolates.

And now he plans to recall his days in a collection of memorabilia and is urging Argus readers to help him in his quest.

Mike said: "I had an office job in Brighton at the time but since I was ten I had wanted to be an actor or be on one of those advertising bill boards.

"So I gave up my job and took a bus to London. While I was in the queue I met a young man who was an actor and he put me in touch with his agent."

He added: "In the MacIntosh's advert I starred alongside a very glamorous young woman who was worried about her figure. They had to do a lot of takes and each time she put a chocolate in her mouth they would come along with a bucket for her to spit it out."

Mike is most proud of his first advert for Bachelor cigarettes.

In it he played a jazz drummer who caught a packet of the cigarettes which appeared to have been thrown through the air.

He said: "I went to the audition and my face seemed to fit."

"They started showing it in March 1962 and it was on throughout the evening for months. I would get recognised - people would come up to me and say they thought they had seen me somewhere."

Mr Parker eventually stopped starring in commercials and returned to Brighton where he had various odd jobs, from deck chair attendant to beach photographer, before he embarked on a 30-year career as a driving instructor.

He said: "I had visions that working in advertising was going to be terribly glamorous, but it was really insecure. I would go for weeks without any work then I would get four bookings in one day."

Mr Parker can be contacted on 01273 885268.