WHILE I'm glad to hear next year's Radio One Dance Party will not be held on the beach (Argus, October 11), I would be even gladder to hear it is not being held at all.


The rubbish left is only part of the problem. The noise these shows make is colossal, with residents of Marine Parade having to suffer several hours of compulsory bass thumping and screaming DJs.

Additionally, the entire seafront becomes awash with drunken people. The mood in the surrounding streets during this year's show was ugly and violent.

These Brighton and Hove Council-supported town centre mega-decibal raves are a new development. Now we hear the New Year party to be held in Old Steine will be even bigger than last year's (Argus, October 12).

Does nobody consider how these events affect the quality of life of residents? My mesage to the council is please turn down the noise.

-Bryan Childers, Marine Parade, Brighton