Part of John Parry's column (Argus, October 13) has for once missed the point. It is true this country is and always has been a multi-cultural society. However, it is now the sheer numbers which make up the numerous different cultures and religions, all vying for influence and power, which is now causing such concern.

If the large numbers of settlers in this country continue to cause problems, further immigration will only exacerbate the situation. The problems we are now experiencing are a direct result of a lack of planning on the part of political parties of all persuasions over the past three or four decades.

John Parry may be correct when he writes there will be little to choose from the main political parties come the next election. However, with the publication of the Runnymede Trust's report into multi-ethnic Britain, it may concentrate the minds of the electorate who see it for what it is, a totally unwarranted, intrusive piece of politically-correct rubbish yet again attacking this country and its culture.

-Derek A. Coles, Hollingbury Rise, Brighton