A floral clock which has been vandalised would cost too much to repair as working timepiece.

Coun Simon Battle said repairs to the clock in Palmeira Square in Hove could cost £25,000.

He added: "There would be no guarantee that it would not be subject to vandalism again."

The clock was put in the Square by the old Hove Council to mark the Queen's Coronation in 1953.

But vandals made constant attacks on the hands, which were removed for safe keeping. They also ruined the clock's mechanism.

The clock has been retained as a feature in the Square but without the moving hands.

However, the council is to look at improving the whole square and will investigate any ideas for the clock.

It will also consider a proposal by architect David Kemp to mark the fact the gardens match the dimensions of Noah's Ark.

Tory councillor Brian Oxley raised the issue of the clock at a meeting of a policy and resources committee.

He hoped it could be restored in time to mark the Queen's golden jubilee in 2002 by getting money from sponsorship and residents' associations.

Coun Oxley added: "Simon Battle says vandalism is a problem in securing restoration, but there is a closed circuit TV camera just yards away from the clock which should deter anyone who seeks to cause damage.

"The people of Hove believe that, with a small amount of effort, it would be possible to have a functioning, distinctive clock."