Sussex county players will almost certainly have to play with a bigger ball after the Olympic Games in September.

A recommendation to increase the diameter ten per cent from 38mm is set to be made at the World Team Championships in Malaysia this weekend. It is then expected to go through the voting system involving 120 nations.

The change would help televison cameras see the ball more easily, slow down play and increase the number of rallies. Another change to be considered in Kula Lumpur concerns service. At the moment a player can shield the action from the opponent and the umpire. A new rule aims to make the action and ball visible at all times.

A controversial third move is to alter the scoring system from 21 points to, possibly, 11. Any changes would affect players from international standard to local leagues and take three years to implement any alterations.

Paul Barry, 34, is the Hastings champion. He won the title for the sixth time with a 21-15, 21-14 final victory against Andy Chapman.

Horsham entertain British League champions London Progress in the Premier Division at Broadbridge Heath on Sunday. Adrian More returns for the home team after a holiday.

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