The man who discovered England prospect Gareth Barry has hit out at Albion for ignoring him.

Hard-up Arthur Sutton believes he is entitled to some of the £1.1 million the Seagulls have received for Barry and Aston Villa colleague Michael Standing.

The former landscape gardener claims nobody from the club has even thanked him for unearthing the teenage star. Scouser Sutton was scouting for young talent for Albion in Hastings and Eastbourne in the late Eighties.

He was given the job by former Albion forward John Shepherd, who was asked to set up a network of talent spotters for the club throughout Sussex. Sutton recommended Barry when he was just seven years old and playing for Hollington Juniors.

Shepherd said: "Arthur always had an eye for a player. He phoned me up about Gareth and Duncan McArthur. I went and watched them as well. I thought they were good players and then Albion got them involved. Arthur was the man who found them."

McArthur is now with Hastings, but Barry's meteoric rise continued with his call-up to the England squad for tonight's friendly against Argentina at Wembley. Sutton, 55, cannot afford to watch the game in the modest three-bed house in Hollington where he lives with wife Doreen and teenage daughter Jayne. The grandfather of four suffers from heart trouble and his only income is disability benefit.

"I can't watch it because it is on Sky and that's a bit expensive," said Sutton. "I haven't made anything out of it. I haven't had a penny. Brighton never said thanks to me and I think they should have given me something. They have made a load of money out of Gareth's move to Aston Villa.

"I think it's great for Gareth and I am happy for him. It fills me with a sense of pride to see him doing so well and I feel really pleased for his parents. I know them well. I speak to them quite often and they are really happy. I saw Gareth before Christmas when he was down here. He is a very quiet lad who never says much, but it wasn't a surprise to me at all when Kevin Keegan picked him.

"Bill Shankly told me what to look for. It's about determination and dedication, the ability to kick the ball with either foot and awareness. He was playing in midfield when I spotted him and I think that is his best position. He is brilliant there, so he has done very well to be recognised as a fullback. Once he gets in he will stay in. He is so solid."

Martin Perry, Albion's chief executive, said he will be investigating Sutton's claims. "I cannot comment further until we have made some enquiries," he added.

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