Valley hits a new low, Bonds off target, Disappearing act

Toad's Hole Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Hove.

The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a haven for wildlife and a popular spot for walkers and nature lovers.

But the land is fast becoming decimated by gangs of bikers who have been accused of churning up the ground, builders who have dumped rubble and people who have abandoned burned-out cars there.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there is now talk of bulldozers moving onto this precious site to build homes. The owner of the land remains a mystery, but whoever it is should pull their finger out and clean up the mess. They might also let us know their plans for the site's long term future.

Bonds off target

Stars of the James Bond films will gather next month to pay tribute to Desmond Llewelyn who died in a Sussex car crash two months ago.

Famous for playing the inventor Q in the action films, the 85-year-old earned a special place in the hearts of James Bond fans.

But it seems only one of the men who played the superspy will go to a special memorial service in his honour. Although Roger Moore hopes to attend, the rest have indicated they will be unable to because of other commitments.

Despite his fame, Mr Llewelyn never forgot his humble roots and was a down-to-earth member of the Bexhill community where he lived. It is a shame Messrs Lazenby, Connery, Dalton and Brosnan cannot show the same humility.

Disappearing act

Police believe pensioner Walter Bellman, who mysteriously disappeared two years ago, may have won the National Lottery before vanishing.

Officers think the 82-year-old may have left his Brighton home to spend his autumn years seeing the world and having a good time.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of travel to foreign climes, but it's a shame he didn't tell his family who are worried sick.

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