Medieval archers heralded the opening of Bodiam Castle with a shower of arrows.

The Wolfshead Bowmen turned out in force to help the National Trust celebrate the beginning of a new tourist season at the ancient site near Robertsbridge.

The society of medieval longbow archers marched through the castle grounds wearing period costume. Young and old were given the chance to shoot arrows and learn more about the historic sport.

John Watts is the chairman of The Wolfshead Bowmen who formed eight years ago. The society has more than 50 members who are based mainly in the Eastbourne area.

He said: "We don't recreate events like some re-enactment societies, we recreate a period. Our chosen era is between 1200 and 1450. We are united in a common allegiance to the longbow and some members also specialise in weaving, basket-making and the construction of bows and arrows. We strive to perform historically correct events which include archery and combat demonstrations."

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