Three people who were injured in a nightclub after an archway collapsed on them are taking legal advice.

Marlon Still, David Verrecchia and Belinda Evans all plan to consult solicitors after they were injured at the Concorde 2 in Madeira Drive, Brighton.

A 7ft by 4ft chunk of wooden alcove, weighing more than 500lb, fell on them from a height of more than ten feet during a concert at 1am on Sunday.

Mr Still, of South London, needed 11 stitches to his head and Mrs Evans, of Kent, was knocked unconscious in the incident. Mr Verrecchia suffered cuts and bruising.

All three have criticised the club's managers for not stopping the concert and turning on the lights which meant medics had to treat the victims in the dark. Mrs Evans, a mother of two, was at the club with her husband when the piece of alcoving fell on her head.

She said: "It was all so sudden with the weight of this thing hitting my head, then it fell across my face and landed on my feet. I was unconscious for a few seconds but they didn't even turn the lights on. I've got bruising on my head and serious bruising to both my feet and I won't be able to walk for a week.

Mr Verrecchia, 36, of Kemp Town, said: "I am meeting with a solicitor and plan to sue whoever was responsible for this. I am quite angry about the way it was handled and I am not letting it lie. I think the others are intending to take some action as well. Nobody has even called from the club to see if we are OK which is unacceptable."

Mr Still, of Thornton Heath, who was suffering dizziness and severe headaches yesterday, said he also planned to take legal advice.

The accident is being investigated by the environmental health department of Brighton and Hove Council. Police are also studying video footage from the club's internal security cameras.

A council spokeswoman said: "Our building control department spent several hours at the club yesterday making sure the building was safe. A new investigation will be taken to look at the health and safety aspects as we have a duty to investigate injuries that happen in public places."

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