Flyposters in Brighton are being given a licence to bill.

Nightclubs and events organisers will be able to paste away on official sites to be set up in the town centre - and keep within the law.

But if flyposters put out fliers anywhere else they will be prosecuted and risk a hefty fine under a council clampdown. The first two official poster sites will be at the junction of North Street and Bond Street, and the junction of Sydney Street and Kensington Gardens.

At each location, a pentagon-shaped kiosk with five stainless steel panels supported by a solid oak frame, will be erected. The features, designed by local artists Kath Arlidge and Marcus Laffan, are being built now and are due in place in April. They will cost £2,000 each.

A Brighton and Hove Council spokeswoman said: "People who flypost for clubs or other events will be able to put up their notices legally at these two sites.

"We will be monitoring to see how the scheme works, regularly clean the panels and check for any inappropriate material. We are doing this to help tackle the problem of flyposting and save money. We are funding the first two sites but are seeking sponsorship so that we can have more made."

The council said it cost £40,000 a year to remove flyposting and graffiti in Brighton and Hove. The authority is taking a hard line on illegal flyposting with offenders facing prosecution and maximum fines of £1,000 per poster.

If the council cannot find those guilty of flyposting it will hold the event venue responsible. The council spokeswoman said: "The new sites are there to be used. If we find people flyposting elsewhere we will prosecute."

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