I lunched with Haywards Heath’s top boy, Warren Howe before the Tranmere game.

He is not related to Geoffrey and if you give him one of those Fred Dinege palm signs he won’t be over enamoured. Well he used to find all that funny when we worked together 10...alright 12 years ago.

It is still fantastic value at the Withdean Carvery, although I think having either Doug Rougvie or Georges Santos carving the meat, would be a delicious Albion related theme.

During our lunch a gentleman at another table interrupted our reminiscing to enquire what the food was like, and to ask if it was always this busy. He proceeded to ask this at least twice more and then told us about 11 times in 20 minutes that he thought the Albion would win 3-0. Instead of ringing William Hill, we had a little laugh to ourselves at his expense. I bet I know who’s laughing now.

Of course the Albion won the game by exactly that score line. It is all very happy clappy at Withdean nowadays everyone cheers and encourages, even Mark to my left hardly ever berates the Ref anymore. Although after a quick peek at the position of the Block C steward he still managers to get in a small, but vital obscenity to the linesman. Well he's bought his season ticket aint he. His lovely wife Amanda stays at home to look after young Shay nowadays. Mark brings his mate Lester, and between them they concoct the most awful jokes, which they both laugh hysterically at. Sometimes I wish the Albion were awful again.

There aren’t many moaners left. When they can be bothered, or can afford to do it, the Radio Sussex phone in hosts talk to each other, or about what they might have for tea. Or even, to the occasional caller who wanted to speak to Paul Miller but came in too early. Make of that what you will! It’s not that often nowadays a post match phone in has so many callers you’ll be lucky to get through.

But fear not, there are new kids, and kids being the operative word, on the block. A bunch lads from Burgess Hill (yes Neil Armstrong is all fuzzy, it happened in 1969 its not on live pause) have set up an irregular and almost irrepressible, Albion based Phone In called, and this is where originality kicks in, The Albion Moan In. Messer’s or should that be Masters, McCarthy and Chapman field serious, humorous and sometimes downright bizarre calls, from anyone who wants to join in. The show goes out on ITUNES and via the WeAreBrighton website. It is produced at short notice, presumably when they are sure their parents are going to be out.

There is a regular caller everyone seems to be waiting for, he goes by the name of Dangerous Gangster Al and he advises who he might dispose of in the coming weeks, and gives little snippets about what is going on at the Albion, or in Al world. I must say who ever performs the Al character is quite a comic genius, and I can’t wait to hear his World Cup song.

This show gives all Albion fans the ability to give their opinion, or if necessary vent their spleen, in a frank and largely uncensored manner. I think the lads need to find a more structured platform to produce it on, because it has the makings of a great concept.

Finally this week I urge all parents to be careful and aware if taking a family walk along Hove Promenade this long weekend. On Tuesday I had a slight altercation with a cyclist who despite the many ‘No Cycling’ signs on the prom nearly hit my two year old lad. Why these people cannot live within the law is beyond me, it says no cycling for a good reason. It’s dangerous; grownups should cycle on the road or the designated cycle lane.

Oh yes, a big hello to my friend Emily Pearson or Tullah whatshername......I won’t forget.