A postman has been honoured for his work with the Territorial Army in Iraq.

Sergeant Tony Back, of Sandhurst Avenue, Woodingdean, has been presented with an Iraq medal with clasp in recognition of his tour of duty in 2002.

The 47-year-old also received a Volunteer Reserve Service medal for his commitment to East Sussex"s only TA unit, Eastbourne"s 56 Signal Squadron, based in Seaside.

He received his award from Phyllida Stewart-Roberts, Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, at a ceremony in the TA centre.

Sgt Black has been in the TA for 11 years. He was promoted to sergeant two years ago and is employed within the regiment as an electrician and driver.

He has previously spent six months in the Gulf and trained as a nuclear biological chemical assistant instructor and a battlefield casualty drill instructor.

Mrs Stewart-Roberts said: "It is a great pleasure and privilege to present these medals which mark loyal and committed service to Queen and country, often on duty away from home and in great danger."

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