The traumas and aggravation we residents in Devonshire Place are enduring are an on-going saga.

The members of Brighton and Hove City Council responsible for street permit decisions have made life unbearable for all of us with their unthinking actions.

We residents pay £85 a year for a residents' bay parking permit. But for the past two to three months, at least 75 per cent of us can never find a space or have to park at least two or three streets away from where we live.

Why? Because many of our permit spaces are clogged with the cars of hotel guests or cars with parking tickets.

Other cars in our spaces now have the new visitors' parking permits and we have noticed some of these cars have three or four days' worth of permit cards on show. Is this fair to us?

Having, in their wisdom, now removed the divided bays for residents, there is just one long line of white markings. The council obviously wants to cram as many cars into the road

to ensure it makes as much money as possible.

The council says it will "review" the situation in the autumn.

All we can say is, with all our written complaints and noting all these problems ourselves, it is going to have an awful lot of explaining to do.

As residents, we pay council taxes but we are beginning to wonder what for.

This is not a democratic council, it is purely a money-grabbing one.

-Barry J Mishon, Brighton