I was shocked and dismayed to read the article featuring an attack by the A27 Action Group on plans to improve the road structure to the A27 around the Beddingham level crossing near Lewes (The Argus, June 7).

The main reason for these improvements to this stretch of road is safety, which should override everything else.

The A27 Action Group claims widening the road and building a bridge over the rail crossing will not reduce congestion. But not only are they wrong in this assumption but they are also missing the point.

The current single-gate crossing is extremely dangerous and has been responsible for a huge number of accidents over the years. Any development which will prevent needless accidents and potential deaths on our roads has to be welcomed wholeheartedly. Just how the A27 Action Group can oppose these safety measures is beyond me.

Of course, many of us are aware the needs of the environment have to be carefully considered before any major development to our infrastructure is undertaken and I am sure the Government, local authorities and planners will make the right decisions in this regard.

The pollution caused by vehicles sitting in traffic jams at a rail crossing for 40 minutes is surely unacceptable. As a business-support organisation, Sussex Enterprise encourages well-thought-out improvements to the transport infrastructure which will improve the way we do business in Sussex.

Business travel accounts for 40 per cent of all travel across Sussex and traffic congestion currently costs Sussex businesses £2 billion a year.

All forms of transport in Sussex are currently under stress and improving the A27 at Beddingham is definitely a step in the right direction towards easing it.

-Mark Froud, Chief Executive, Sussex Enterprise, Chamber of Commerce for Sussex