It is a joy to go to the theatre and see a wellwritten, well-acted thriller with a beginning, middle and a twist at the end.

House Guest is the second offering in the Newpalm Murder Mystery series at Eastbourne's Devonshire Park Theatre.

Michael Rooney's direction is sharp and keeps the audience guessing right up to the end. This is one of the best companies Newpalm has sent to Sussex many of them are regulars and they get better each year.

This production is particularly fortunate to have Georgina Sutton, playing distraught wife Stella. I have admired this actress ever since she took over at very short notice in Stepping Out two summers ago.

Also excellent in this play is Andrew Ryan as Inspector Burford and Zach Vanderfelt as Stella's film star husband.

Zach's talents are very much to the fore in House Guest but to say more would give away too much and spoil the plot.

David Horne is well cast as the sinister Crozier and Sylvia Carson is very funny as the dotty cousin who goes for endless interviews but never gets the job.

For lovers of oldfashioned murder plays this is a must. It has a good script and it was much appreciated by the audience.

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