Cert 12A, 129mins): Queen Latifah, Alicia Silverstone, Alfre Woodard, Golden Brooks, Sherri Shepherd, Bryce Wilson, Paige Hurd, Kevin Bacon, Andie MacDowell, Mena Suvari. Directed by Bille Woodruff.

Cast your minds back a couple of years to the lacklustre sequel Barbershop 2 - Back In Business. In that film, Ice Cube's family-run barbershop owner met his match in straighttalking Gina Norris (Queen Latifah), who owned the beauty salon next door. Her feisty character was so popular with audiences, she now headlines this spin-off feature.

To make a better life for her daughter Vanessa (Hurd), Gina moves to Atlanta and makes a name for herself in the cutting-edge salon of the flamboyant Jorge (Bacon).

Wealthy clients like Terri (MacDowell) and Joanne (Suvari) swear by the healing properties of Gina's home-made conditioner.

After the latest argument with her egotistical boss, Gina rashly quits and opens her own salon, taking with her shampoo girl Lynn (Silverstone). Gina hires several stylists, including extrovert Ms Josephine (Woodard), sassy Chanel (Brooks), pregnant Ida (Shepherd) and supposedly gay ex-con James (Wilson).

Together these misfits bond to make sure Gina's business is a roaring success. Unfortunately, Jorge doesn't play fair.

Beauty Shop slavishly follows the Barbershop template, concentrating on the banter between crimpers and customers.

Latifah is the life and soul of the film. Her comic timing is impeccable and there are some great altercations with Bacon in full panto-villain mode.