Couples can be irritating. Even couples know this. And it is rare for happy couples to be in plays.

With this observational comedy, Alan Ayckbourn breaks the mould. The couple next door are perfect; Generous, successful and worldly.

The play, starring Mark Curry, focuses on their neighbours, including Sven, an ex-Finnish tennis champion, the local vicar, and various wives and girlfriends, who are lavished with kindness and hospitality by the golden couple.

The action takes place in their large garden over a 12-year period with such events as a Bonfire Night celebration, a game of tennis and an 18th birthday party.

As the years progress, we see how the neighbours cope with the couples kind, but unsolicited, advice and generosity.

Ayckbourn says: Golden couples, dramatically at least, are more often than not catalysts who serve to illuminate others their business partners, their neighbours, those people who wait in vain for a plumber. The rest of us, really.