You know what you are getting with Jack Dee: A grumpy man in a suit. He may have filled out since the Nineties, when he first made a name for himself, and is now part of the comedy establishment but his lines are still as sharp as his sartorial cut.

Thankfully, Dee is still fed up with life. He sauntered on stage and immediately began knocking out jokes, with almost every line getting a big laugh.

Arriving in Brighton, he said he got lost and ended up in Whitehawk and a series of gags involving old washing machines in front gardens, police chases and anti-social children followed.

From there, he wandered all over familiar comic territory: Doctors, dentists, arguments with your other half, having children and anything else which might annoy a middle-aged man. This was middle-of-the-road humour but no less funny because of it.

Punchline after punchline, you got the impression you were watching a master comedian and it felt like being made to laugh by someone who had made it into the comedians hall of fame.

Perhaps the biggest laughs were at his digs at Brighton. As well as Whitehawk, he had a pop at the West Pier although he called it the East Pier accusing the audience of being junkies and spending all the money on drugs instead of restoring it.

Although he was relentlessly funny, Dee frequently half-mumbled, half-slurred his lines. But when he did fluff a line for example, saying rugby beat Wales instead of England he was polished and pacey enough to keep the momentum going into the next joke. But his fluffs showed up in an otherwise class act.

Arguably the funniest lines of the night came from the audience.

At the end of the first half, a number was flashed up and Dee asked the audience to text him during the interval. At the end of the show, he read some of them out, even the ones having a dig at him is this your day job since you took the ring back to Mordor? and Jack, its the West Pier, you t***.

He read another out: Two chavs fall of a cliff fighting. Who wins? Society. He told the audience hed pressed save to keep that one.