Desperate motorists fed up with searching for a parking space could find their problems solved by a new business.

Entrepreneurs Kay Bryn-Hussey, Justine Desmond and Carl Rees say they can find people their own exclusive parking space, available whenever they need it.

Their company, Spacefinders, could give hope to all those who drive round and round Brighton and Hove looking in vain for a place to leave the car.

The firm operates by finding people with unused driveways, residents' bays or empty garages and letting out the spaces on their behalf. It takes a cut of the fee.

The three friends set up Spacefinders after becoming fed up with long waiting lists for permits, constant meter-feeding and the threat of parking tickets or clamps.

Their only problem now is finding enough spaces - 30 people have already signed up since the launch three days ago and they expect to have 500 names on their list by the end of March.

Carl, 32, of First Avenue, Hove, said: "We moved to Hove from London at the end of May and realised there were parking problems.

"It was Justine's idea. We were on the beach and she had this blinding flash.

"Kay was looking to move on from her job and it seemed to make sense that we all got together.

"If next door-but-one has a garage they don't use and you can park your car there, it's bound to be more convenient and hopefully save you money. What we are about is optimising the spaces which are available.

"It's just like letting out a room in your house.

"If you have got a garage, driveway or a bit of space, it can be used to make a bit of money."

The company asks people with spaces to register their details on its web site so they can be matched with a driver.

A contract is sent to both parties and a direct debit set up to collect the rent. Spacefinders keeps a percentage of it.

On a monthly rent of £120, Spacefinders will keep an average £20 to £25.

Carl said the scheme should prove cheaper than feeding meters.

Catalin Ciocan, a quantity surveyor, did not own a car when he moved to Brighton and Hove in June. When he bought one he quickly discovered the extent of the parking problems and is at the top of Spacefinders' list.

Mr Ciocan, 36, of Clarendon Road, Hove, said: "I have to pay to park my car and it's really expensive so I hope this will solve my problems.

"If not I don't know if I can afford to keep my car on the road. I contacted Spacefinders after I got a leaflet and now I am on a waiting list. I am also on the council's waiting list but I have no idea how long it will take to get a permit."

Spacefinders is considering approaching companies and hotels which do not use their car parks during certain hours.

It may also branch out into finding short-term parking solutions for people who visit Brighton and Hove at the weekend or for a day's shopping.

Carl said: "We have already had calls from people who need a space for the weekend. We could even collect the car and drop it off in one of our spaces."

He insists the scheme will not bring more traffic into Brighton and Hove and said: "We are hoping this will actually reduce traffic. Right now there are people driving round endlessly looking for spaces, wasting energy and efficiency.

"Hopefully this will also get people doing things like car sharing. We will look at anything if it's innovative."

People with potential parking spaces should visit the web site or call 01273 201167.