Having reached the last day before Christmas and after all the rushing around buying last-minute presents and food, we should stop and reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas is.

It is not about Britain as a nation going billions of pounds into debt

and getting stressed out but the giving of a card and a small gift to family and friends to celebrate the birth of Christ.

It is very sad that a vast majority of schools do not now hold a carol service and many do not stage a nativity play.

Large stores no longer have a Santa's grotto, much to the disappointment of younger children who would like to meet Father Christmas.

Over many generations, children have enjoyed taking part in these and many other events which were an integral part of Christmas.

They were not only enjoyable but taught children what Christmas was all about and showed the joy of giving to others.

Nowadays it has turned into a big commercial event, with the true meaning lost in the rush. This is a great pity.

Many families spend the rest of the year paying for what should be an enjoyable time for all.

-Steve Fuller, Hove