I read with interest Jan Melrose's pieces about the lack of Christmas lights in Brighton (The Argus, December 17).

Through the years, I have written many letters and spoken to as many people as possible to try to get more Christmas lights in the main shopping areas of London Road and Western Road. But all the letter writing has been in vain.

The council puts the blame on traders and traders put the blame on the council. Yet in nearly every high street without Christmas lights can be found branches of leading banks which make profits of billions.

There aren't even many festive window displays. As kids, we used to rush to see Hannington's display. When we saw that, we knew it was Christmas.

Whoever is responsible for the present day disgrace should be ashamed of themselves.

It is shameful for a city that wants to look modern and cosmopolitan not to make an effort for the children at a time of year when it is supposed to be a season of goodwill.

The truth is no one cares or wants to bother. Clearly, big businesses and local government are only interested in money and profit for as little effort as possible.

There are exceptions, of course. North Laine should be applauded, as well as all the private homes that are festooned with colourful lights. Without these, it would be hard to tell it was Christmas in our city.

I have given up trying to get traders and Brighton and Hove City Council to put up Christmas lights but, as the picture shows, there was a time when they cared about giving something back to the people of Brighton and Hove instead of taking all the time.

-Stephen Prince, Brighton