A long-running tribunal contest between a council and its boss is due to draw to a close.

Sheryl Grady, who earns £80,000 a year as chief executive of Worthing Borough Council, is seeking compensation, claiming she was made ill by sexual discrimination at work.

Ms Grady, 47, who has been off work since last December with depression and stress, says she was demoralised and undermined by some colleagues and councillors because she is a woman.

She is taking action at an employment tribunal in Brighton against the council and its former Lib Dem leader Sheila Player, who lost her seat in the local elections last May.

In September, the tribunal heard eight days of evidence from council officers and elected members.

Ms Grady, who lives in Hove, told the hearing there was clear evidence of institutionalised sex discrimination within the council.

She said Miss Player was rude to her and made comments about her appearance behind her back, including referring to her as Goldilocks.

The local authority and Miss Player have denied the allegations of sex discrimination.

The council has maintained the problems were caused by differences in personalities rather than sex discrimination.

The two sides will meet again at the tribunal on Thursday, when legal submissions will be presented.

It is expected to be several weeks before the tribunal's decision is announced.