As a resident of the Goldsmid Ward, I want to reiterate our total opposition to the idea that Gill Mitchell and others on Brighton and Hove City Council's environment committee can extend pay-and-display parking bays from four hours to 11 hours.

The re-assessment of the scheme seems to be at the direct request of local businesses, primarily Legal & General and BHASVIC staff plus some who work at the Avondale Centre.

The last two complainants may well be worthy but they simply cannot win when it comes to current council policy, which professes to restrict car commuters into Brighton and Hove.

According to Councillor Simon Battle, 90 per cent of the Legal & General staff live within Brighton and Hove.

Can't they utilise the excellent bus services which now serve the area?

Goldsmid residents do not want 11-hour parking in direct contravention of council policy and do not see why we should be considered differently to other areas in central Hove which mostly have only two-hour parking.

Wayne Jackman,