I was not surprised to read about yet another person's problems regarding the new refuse collection service.

It does not seem to be a flexible or customer-friendly service, for which we pay through our high council tax.

I left my wheelie bin about two steps into my driveway so as not to congest the public footpath. Did they reach in to collect my rubbish? No, they left it. On another occasion, I had one extra black bag I left beside my wheelie bin. Did they take it? No, they left it.

My wife also left some clothes in

a black re-cycling box, which they left. She phoned Cityclean to ask if clothing was included and why it wasn't taken.

She could almost hear the "so what?" attitude in the woman's voice. The lady she was speaking to went off-line (probably to yawn), then came back to say it would go down as a missed call and they would come back to collect it.

My wife also asked for another black box for recycling. Did they show up? No. It is now bagged up in the wheelie bin. I thought they were trying to promote re-cycling.

Maybe we have been unlucky with our binmen. With other services we pay for, we are able to change to someone else if not happy with the service but unfortunately not with this one.

If I was to leave a Christmas tip two steps into my driveway, do you think they would reach in for that?

Mr T Dorrington,