I am sorry Fiona Tabraham, from Hangleton, has waited for buses which have not arrived but she is wrong to allege we "do not seem to be doing anything to rectify the situation" (Letters, November 8).

She mentions "the issue is not late buses but ones that just don't run". Much of Hangleton is served by a bus every five minutes, so even a small delay can give the impression the bus hasn't run.

We run more than 99.6 per cent of our advertised service and are working hard to improve this record, despite the unpredictable road conditions Mrs Tabraham acknowledges we face.

We are aware Mrs Tabraham relies on the 7.55am from Hangleton each morning and I am sorry she has faced problems with this journey in recent weeks, which we are ensuring does run as expected.

Roger French, managing director,

-Brighton and Hove Bus Company