A large slice of Brighton chose to spend November 5 watching tubes of explosives go bang. Those who knew better got down to the Concorde 2 to get down with Mr Scruff.

The always-popular DJ played another of his marathon five-hour sets (no toilet breaks), with enough musical fireworks to set the dancefloor alight.

Scruff guided his disciples through a lovingly selected playlist of soul, jazz, hip hop, funk, electro, Latin and drum'n'bass, seamlessly shifting styles with some impeccable mixing.

Tunes by Philly soul sister Jill Scott and British hip hop highlight Ty prepared the ground for a class in rarefied funk, with the sonic soothsayer from Stockport leading the lesson.

Some of the most excitable shape-throwing came when Scruff spun his own creations. Chipmunk worked wonders and what sounded like an organ-reworking of Get A Move On sparked a mini riot - in the positive sense.

Although eclectic to the extreme, Scruff never sounded like he was checking off musical genres in a bid to crowd-please.

If anything, he could have done with a few more Big Tunes to top-up the buzz. But the crowd was happy enough, having escaped the cold November night for the warm embrace of the Concorde.

As usual for Scruff sessions, everywhere was decked out with the DJ's home-drawn cartoons. The only thing missing was the tea-room.