Like many readers, I shall miss Adam Trimingham's work greatly.

I have grown up reading his articles but have not always agreed with his views.

Reg Jenkins states "he must be a model of self-discipline" to avoid any accusations of party politics (Letters, July 20).

This is where Adam's vast experience comes to the fore. His articles usually reflect his fairness and he tries to float a balanced view of whatever subject he is writing about.

I will miss his work and would like to wish him a happy retirement and hope to see the odd article from him in The Argus. I just hope he doesn't completely disappear.

I don't know where ex-journalists go to but wherever it is, I hope he will enjoy himself.

PS: I must thank Mr Jenkins for teaching me the meaning of the word "tendentious".

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word means "having or showing an intentional tendency or bias, esp. a controversial one".

So, Adam, you now know.

-David Rowland, Telscombe Cliffs