Whenever I am passing through Brighton, I like to drop in to The Argus office in Dyke Road to have a chat with Adam Trimingham. We have a talk about what goes on in the world that day.

I was 13 in the May of 1960, I hit the streets running, well it was the village high street. In 1962, I left school with no qualifications and started as an apprentice to a paper hanger (you don't see them very often these days).

When I got to the ripe old age of 18, I went to London. I walked up and down Carnaby Street and the Kings Road hoping someone from the film industry would spot me. Some hope. A number of years later I became an actor, not a good one - as you can tell - but I had some fun doing it.

Adam and I, plus a large number of people of this wonderful country of ours were born as the children of the roaring Forties. Did we get ourselves into any form of trouble? Of course we didn't. We are proud of our heritage.

Adam, have a good retirement, I am just behind you. I retire at 60.

-Michael Sanders, Hailsham