I have just read that the Ladyboys of Bangkok are to return May 20-June 12 in Victoria Gardens, Grand Parade.

While I welcome the return of this money-spinning tourist attraction, there are several issues that need to be addressed.

The damage to the grass caused by the Ladyboys' last visit has still not been repaired.

The flowerbeds have not been replanted but merely turfed over.

The railings have not been replaced.

As the council does not appear to have the resources to clear street litter and household garbage at present, what additional measures does it envisage to cope with this three-week event?

Is the Mazda Fountain to be filled and put to use this year or is it to retain its present use as a public toilet?

I trust that the monies raised by this event will be used to repair the damage it will cause this year.

Finally, in compensation for having to listen to Abba songs every night for three weeks, is it beyond the realms of fantasy that the council, perhaps in liaison with Brighton College of Technology, could restore the Frederick Fountain at St Peter's Church?

-Shaun Young, Brighton