The real story from Saturday's tenant conference was the shameless performance of government spokeswoman Mary Marshall.

In response to questions about the fairness of telling tenants that if they vote one way the government will provide money to improve their homes but if they vote the "wrong" way it will not, Ms Marshall said that if tenants vote to stay with the council it will be assumed they do not want decent homes - and she didn't blush.

Of course, we knew the Government did not want us to discuss the fourth option - an investment allowance to enable the council to make use of prudential borrowing.

Tenants who want to discuss it anyway should join us at Leach Court, Park Street, tonight at 7pm.

Mark Weeks of Defend Council Housing's central committee will be pleased to explain how it works.

-Ruth Arundell, Defend Council Housing in Brighton and Hove, Tillstone Street, Brighton