We all need reliable public transport and this has failed in many areas with one exception - the bus service in Brighton and Hove. This leads me to why buses may run late and why sometimes drivers look dismayed.

As far as the highway code is concerned, Imperial Arcade, parts of North Street, Western Road and Churchill Square are for buses and taxis only, not us when we feel like it.

How many times do we see a bus unable to reach its stop because it is obstructed by illegally-parked vehicles?

When it arrives two or three minutes late, we look at our watch, scowl and confront the driver with a barrage of £10 and £20 notes while telling them they are late.

Once we have grumbled and the driver has completed his impression of bank teller, customer service person and professional driver, he closes the doors and indicates to move away - but there is another person running for the bus.

The driver shows his good will by stopping again and letting them on and changing their £20 note without complaint.

Next time you only leave minutes for that important journey and board the bus, look at yourself, then look at the driver and smile.

To all bus drivers, a big thank you. You are our local heroes in the world of complaint culture.

-Ms K Gomez, Worthing