I find it very difficult to have sympathy for the families of the three girls that were given a lift by Graham Travers on that fateful Sunday evening in October.

If common sense was so common, then the three girls would have refused a lift with a stranger, especially one who had been drinking all evening.

Also, as we all have hammered into us via the dramatic adverts on the TV, the first thing you do when getting into any car is put on your seat belt.

Perhaps if they had done this they would have been alive today.

Once again the legal system is proving it is an ass by giving a sentence of five-and-half years when the maximum term for this offence is ten years - or should it have been twenty years for two deaths by dangerous driving?

Too many people are driving in this country without the appropriate, legally-required documents. Some form of display on cars is an urgent requirement so that those flouting the law can easily be detected.

-Dave Stone, Lancing