Michael Fisher (Letters, March 17) makes some fair points but the article on local prospective Conservative candidates was essentially a comment on our lifestyles.

As such, it was simply attempting to show that old perceptions of the lifestyle of an average Tory should now be reviewed in the light of the influx of people from differing backgrounds to reflect those of the people they hope to represent.

Personally I would love to express my beliefs and hopes, not just for my party but also for the city in which I live.

I look forward to doing so, hopefully soon, in this paper.

I hope to be an MP because I want to actually do something to try to change our society for the better instead of just whinging from the sidelines. I want to influence policy, not just follow it.

Looking like Ronald McDonald is actually a bonus - my hair is the best tool of communication I've ever had.

It cuts across normal conversation barriers with people from all walks of life and communication is paramount if the Conservatives want to win.

PS I don't have a big red nose.

-Melanie Gill, hopeful Conservative candidate for Kemptown