I was pleased to read Councillor Peter Willows' thoughts about the profile of sport in Brighton and Hove (Letters, December 10).

At last, a councillor has noticed the lack of facilities and encouragement that others have been pointing out for years.

Two years ago, a sports discussion was held at Brighton College and councillors heard the problems faced by clubs in the city. Nothing changed.

Now, despite these shortcomings, some of our clubs are excelling themselves.

Sussex's cricketers (male and female) won the county championship, Brighton and Hove Hockey Club are blasting their way up the league and our swimming clubs are producing champions.

Unfortunately, all this is being done without any assistance or encouragement from councillors.

I was recently at a forum hosted by the Sussex Sports Partnership but the lead councillor for sport, Gill Mitchell, was not there.

Though grateful for the support from Coun Willows, I hope it is not just a temporary reaction to the recent triumphs.

It would be nice to think sport in the city had a truly committed supporter serving on the council. Our clubs, players, volunteers and children deserve better.

-Penny Hajduk, Brighton