Regarding the article by Lynne Truss about the misuse of apostrophes (The Argus, November 29), I find it amazing so many mistakes actually make it through to the final printing stage.

I would like to add to Lynne's list of local advertisements with mistakes.

There is a huge hoarding at Portslade station which, until recently, advertised a local firm's "Pizza's".

However, the worst printed example I have ever seen is a picture postcard of "The Seven Sister's Cliff's". I was so appalled to read two mistakes in three words that I had to buy it.

On the subject of spelling, I was glad to see the banner at the children's amusement ground next to the King Alfred Centre no longer reads "Trampalines".

But the pub near Brighton Station still likes to advertise "Satardays matches" you can see on TV inside.

Also, a printed poster in Brighton and Hove City Council's housing department reads "problems with your rented accomaodation - liasing with your landlord, checking your entitlemnet to the benefits". Oh dear.

-Glenda Clarke, Portslade