Mugging victim Eddie Walters, who is terminally ill with leukaemia, was today overwhelmed by gifts of cash and Christmas goodies.

The 71-year-old, who was robbed of his rent money in Brighton, was in tears as he said: "I just want to stand on a rooftop and shout a huge Thank You.

"I can't believe it. There are just so many kind people out there doing kind things for others."

Eddie, who lives on his old age pension, just can't stop crying following a heartwarming response from the community.

He has been given six months to live and was robbed two weeks before what could be his last Christmas outside the Co-op in St George's Road, Brighton, on Wednesday morning.

The mugger pushed him against an iron gate and to the ground, injuring his back, and then knelt on him before fleeing with his wallet.

Inside was money saved for the rent for Eddie's one-room bedsit where he lives alone.

Police, sickened by the attack, contacted Social Security who gave Eddie a crisis loan for just under £30 - money they will take back through £8 installments from his pension.

Asked how he would pay his rent, he said: "I'll have to appeal to my landlady."

Not any more.

The Argus has been swamped with calls from people all over Sussex donating money.

One woman said: "I read The Argus article while I was in Tesco. I just burst into tears."

A flower stand owner in Hove donated cash and a Christmas tree.

The Argus Appeal gave money and a Christmas hamper donated by Asda in Hollingbury.

Elsa Gillio, who runs the appeal, said: "This is a terribly sad story and we are delighted to help."

One anonymous caller gave The Argus the name of a possible suspect and the information was past to Brighton CID.

Donations to The Argus Appeal can be sent to Elsa Gillio at The Argus, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton, BN1 8AR.